About Laura


Vernon BC is home, where I train, race, coach, and enjoy outdoor activities with my husband and two sons ages 16 and 13.  We take advantage of all of the amzing opportunities to play that are offered in the Okanagan valley including snowboarding, snowshoeing, XC skiing, SUPing, hiking, open water swimming, as well as lots of mountain, road, cross and snow cycling.

I am an age group triathlete with a passion for sports, competition, and the role it plays in creating a happy, active, lifestyle for my family, and our community.   I love to learn, love to race, and love to share that with others.  I’m a full time coach, working many roles with various organizations.

My experience and expertise are in coaching Youth and Junior draft legal triathletes, and with freestyle and open water swim techniques.  I work with kids and adults of all ages in swimming and multisport disciplines.

I’m a Comp-Dev (level 3) Certified Triathlon Coach, Senior Coach (level 3) Trained swim coach, and have acquired many experiences and certifications in my lifetime of sport that give me a unique and well rounded perspective of athlete development.

Mission Statement:

I am a sport opportunity and pathway creator; continuous learner and sharer of information; I aim to provide a critical launching point for athletes in the local, provincial and national training and competition landscape; and through sport, I am to develop really amazing humans.

I say YES to opportunities that align with my mission.  I’m driven by connections, impact, exploration, and pursuit of personal excellence.  I value community, opportunity and dedication.

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